[Week 1] NPTEL Advanced Computer Networks Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL Advanced Computer Networks Week 1 Assignment Answers 2024

1. How many usable host IP addresses are there in a Class B network with a subnet mask of

  • 510
  • 1022
  • 2046
  • 4094
Answer :- d

2. Which routing plane is responsible for exchanging routing information with neighbouring routers?

  • Data plane
  • Management plane
  • Control plane
  • Forwarding plane
Answer :- c

3. Which of the following statements is/are FALSE?

  • The control plane operation involves routing table construction.
  • The datapath operation is routing table construction.
  • The control plane functions are performed on each arriving individual packet.
  • Datapath functions like output link scheduling and forwarding decisions are not performed on every datagram that passes through the router.
Answer :- For Answer Click Here

4. A network with the IP address How many bits represent the host in this IP prefix?

  • 4 bits
  • 8 bits
  • 16 bits
  • 28 bits
Answer :- 

5. Which of the following is not a component commonly found in line cards?

  • Network Processor
  • Traffic Manager
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Router Controller
Answer :- For Answer Click Here

6. What is the primary function of Switch Fabric in a network switch?

  • Assigning IP addresses to devices
  • Forwarding data between input and output ports
  • Address resolution
  • Managing network security
Answer :- 

7. What is the role of an arbitrator in the context of Packet Arbitration in a switch?

  • To resolve output port contention among the input ports
  • To encrypt and decrypt packets for secure transmission
  • To store routing tables for efficient packet routing
  • To manage power consumption in the switch fabric
Answer :- For Answer Click Here

8. What is a specific task performed during Egress operations in packet forwarding?

  • Consult FIB and determine O/P interface
  • Checksum Calculation
  • Add link layer header
  • Decrementing TTL
Answer :- 

9. As a network administrator, your task is to assign IP addresses to hosts in the subnet. In this subnet, only a specific range of IP addresses is designated for host assignment. Your task is to identify the two assignable IP addresses from the given options that reside in this subnet.

Answer :- For Answer Click Here

10. What does traffic access control involve in the context of the Traffic Manager (TM)?

  • Modulating/Demodulating data streams for improved throughput
  • Controlling access to the network infrastructure
  • Shaping data streams by reducing rates and burstiness
  • Routing packets based on IP addresses
Answer :- 

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