[Week 1] NPTEL Deep Learning – IIT Ropar Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL Deep Learning – IIT Ropar Week 1 Assignment Answers 2024

1. Which Boolean function with two inputs x1 and x2 is represented by the following decision boundary? (Points on boundary or right of the decision boundary to be classified 1)


  • AND
  • OR
  • XOR
  • NAND
Answer :- 

2. Choose the correct input-output pair for the given MP Neuron.

Screenshot 2024 01 20 110752
Answer :- 

3. Suppose we have a boolean function that takes 4 inputs x1, x2, x3, x4? We have an MP neuron with parameter θ=2. For how many inputs will this MP neuron give output y=1?

  • 11
  • 21
  • 15
  • 8
Answer :- 

4. We are given the following data:

Can you classify every label correctly by training a perceptron algorithm? (assume bias to be 0 while training)

  • Yes
  • No
Answer :- 

5. We are given the following dataset with features as (x1,x2) and y as the label (-1,1). If we apply the perception algorithm on the following dataset with w initialized as (0,0). What will be the value of w when the algorithm converges? (Start the algorithm from (2,2)

  • (-2,2)
  • (2,1)
  • (2,-1)
  • None of These
Answer :- 

6. Consider points shown in the picture. The vector w is (-1,0). As per this weight vector, the Perceptron algorithm will predict which classes for the data points x1 and x2.


  • x1=1
  • x2=1
  • x1=-1
  • x2=-1
Answer :- 

7. Given an MP neuron with the inputs as x1,x2,x3,x4,x5 and threshold θ=3 where x5 is inhibitory input. For input (1,1,1,0,1) what will be the value of y?

  • y=0
  • y=1 since θ≥3
  • y=1/2
  • Insufficient information
Answer :- 

8. An MP neuron takes two inputs x1 and x2. Its threshold is θ=0. Select all the boolean functions this MP neuron may represent.

  • AND
  • NOT
  • OR
  • NOR
Answer :- 
Screenshot 2024 01 20 111752
Answer :- 

10. What is the ”winter of AI” referring to in the history of artificial intelligence?

  • The period during winter when AI technologies are least effective due to cold temperatures
  • A phase marked by decreased funding and interest in AI research.
  • The season when AI algorithms perform at their peak efficiency.
  • A period characterized by rapid advancements and breakthroughs in AI technologies.
Answer :- 

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