[Week 1] NPTEL E-Business Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL E-Business Week 1 Assignment Answers 2024

1. Total customer value is______.

a. The bundle of benefits customers expect from a given product or service.
b. The bundle of costs the customers expect to incur in evaluating, obtaining, using, and disposing of the product or service
c. The difference between perceived customer value and total customer cost
d. None of the above

Answer :- 

2. Which of the following entity is not a stakeholder of a company

a. Shareholders
b. Financial institutions
c. Government
d. All of the above are stakeholders

Answer :- 

3. Which of the following is a C2C kind of transaction

a. XYZ retailer selling its product on eBay
b. EBay providing a platform to sell used products
c. I am selling my new workstation on OLX
d. None of the above

Answer :- 

4. Which of the following benefit can be realized by integrating ecommerce with brick-and-mortar type businesses:

a. Better availability of service
b. Cost reduction in information processing
c. Better access to customer market
d. All of the above

Answer :- 

5. The architecture of revenues, costs, and profits associated with the business enterprise is a part of its:

a. Supply chain model
b. Value chain model
c. Business model
d. None of the above

Answer :- 

6. The search engine like Goggle generates revenue by merging the advertisements within the search results. Such sponsored advertisements are selected based on________.

a. Reverse auction
b. keyword auction
c. User demographics
d. All of the above

Answer :- 

7. IMDb partners with various online retailers and streaming services, earning a commission on sales generated through its website and mobile apps. Such a revenue generation model is called________.

a. Manufacture
b. Merchant
c. Affiliate Model
d. Advertisement

Answer :- 

8. As discussed in E-Procurement at Tata Steel case study, the benefits from e-procurement adoption include

a. Reduction in Order lead time
b. Savings in sourcing
с. Inventory reduction
d. All of the above

Answer :- 

9. In “ITC’s eChoupal” case study is an example of ICT intervention for improving farmers income by________.

a. Introducing farm mechanization
b. Establishing kiosks
c. Providing free food
d. Eliminating intermediaries

Answer :- 

10. Before presenting a bill, government conducts an online survey explaining the bill to know the public sentiment. This is an example of ______transaction.

a. G2C
b. G2B
с. C2G
d. G2G

Answer :- 

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