[Week 1] NPTEL Electrophysiology Of Heart Assignment Answers 2023

NPTEL Electrophysiology Of Heart Assignment Answers
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NPTEL Electrophysiology Of Heart Assignment Solutions

NPTEL Electrophysiology Of Heart Week 1 Assignment Answers 2023

1. Equilibrium potential for an ion is calculated by:

(a) Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium
(b) Nernst Potential
(c) Goldman equation
(d) Donnan effect

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2. What is the effect on membrane when extracellular fluid concentration of potassium is decreased?

(a) Decreased magnitude of RMP
(b) Increased negativity of membrane
(c) Increased magnitude of RMP
(d) Both b & c

Answer :- 

3. Active transport across the cell membrane is mediated by:

(a) G proteins.
(b) Sodium potassium ATPase.
(c) Carrier proteins.
(d) Channel proteins.

Answer :- 

4. Which of the following is not a feature of cardiac muscle?

(a) All or none law
(b) Tetanus
(c) Length tension relationship
(d) Pacemaker potential

Answer :- 

5. Increase in rate of relaxation in heart known as:

(a) Positive ionotropy
(b) Positive bathmotropy
(c) Positive lustropy
(d) Positive chronotroy

Answer :- 

6. Dihydropyridine is the blocker of:

(a) L-type calcium channels
(b) T-type calcium channels
(c) P-type calcium channels
(d) Q-type calcium channels

Answer :- 

7. First voltage dependent channels to be cloned:

(a) Potassium channels
(b) Calcium channels
(c) Sodium channels
(d) Chloride channels

Answer :- 

8. RMP of SA node:

(a) -90mV
(b) -80mV
(c) -50mV
(d) -60mV

Answer :- 

9. Parasympathetic block (atropine) increases the heart rate to (bpm):

(a) 100
(b) 150
(c) 95
(d) 80

Answer :- 

10. Initial rapid repolarization in cardiac muscle is due to:

(a) Opening of potassium channels
(b) Opening of sodium channels
(c) Opening of calcium channels
(d) Closing of sodium channels

Answer :- 
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